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Ticket pre-sales + Crowdfunding


Who has the goal in mind will find a way! Show visions for a sustainable future with us.

Our today’s “normality” of turbo-capitalism, climate crisis and rapid environmental destruction equals a collective suicide. More and more people feel that it cannot go on like this. But where do we find visions and new models for a different type of social coexistence? Models, which are based on a sustainable handling of nature as a foundation of our life?

To find a way out of the global climate crisis, we have to start telling ourselves stories of hope: stories that empower people, strengthen them and inspire them to protect the climate.

„Be the change you want to see in the world.
― Mahatma Gandhi

Imagine this story goes around the world!

…reaches companies, slums, universities, schools, initiatives, parliaments, families and neighborhoods. That’s exactly what we intend to do! With 100,000 pre-sold cinema tickets, we can enable 400,000 people in the global south to see this film for free.

Every screening will be accompanied by local action-events conducted by local NGOs and initiatives. Inspired by this groundbreaking film, people can put their motivation into practice directly in their community: through political or communal engagement, such as community gardens, renewable energy projects, educational events. …

And that in at least 50 countries around the world!

Are there people around you who are committed to a sustainable future, or are you one of them? Tell our worldwide community about it!

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2. Link our channel @storyofanewworld in your post.

3. Tell your friends about this project. #storyofanewworld

We want to make climate education accessible for everyone!

Screening of THE 4TH REVOLUTION in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya (2011)

Sounds utopian? With our successful films THE 4th REVOLUTION and POWER TO CHANGE, we showed how much power and motivation there is in emotional stories.

More than 10 million viewers worldwide have networked in thousands of local action events and have been promoting sustainable change every day since then. Equipped with this experience and our film expertise of more than 31 years of filmmaking, we are now starting – together with you – our largest impact campaign to date with THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD!

Get your ticket right now and become part of the global change!


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tel.: +49 7461 908 45 0

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