In addition to new ideas and innovations, companies help shape the world we live in every day. And more and more entrepreneurs, customers and employees recognize the signs of the times:

Sustainable success is based on sustainable business practices!

This global impact film project offers you the chance to combine your vision and mission and achieve your sustainability goals:

Get your tickets for your employees now with our crowdfunding campaign  and reach new target groups and increased visibility immediately.

Become an official corporate partner and increase your long-term reach by worldwide screenings in front of an audience of millions. We offer you 4 packages with different advantages!

Donations with donation receipt are possible through our cooperation partner Media4Change gGmbH. With a donation you achieve double impact: Enable the film project and the free provision of environmental learning materials for schools, initiatives and associations. Get in touch with us!


documentary-fiction feature film with worldwide event and impact campaigns

current state of financing of the project:

FILMPROJECT 3,820,000 €

confirmed financing: 2,620,000 €

outstanding amount: 1,200,000 €

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confirmed financing: 70,000 €

outstanding amount: 710,000 €

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from 1 unit à 1,000€

  • Your name & statement on the film website
  • Your name in the film credits
  • official supporter certificate
  • Use of film logos, photos, trailers and social-media clips for your marketing purposes
  • 25 streaming codes of the movie
  • big thanks from the directors


from 20 units à 1,000€

  • Your logo, link & statement on film website
  • Your logo in the film credits, photo wall at Premiere and DVD cover
  •  official sponsor certificate
  • Use of film logos, photos, trailers and social media clips for your marketing purposes
  • 50 streaming codes of the movie
  • personal thanks from the directors


from 50 units à 1,000€

  • Your logo, link & statement on film website
  • Your logo on film posters, photo wall, film credits and DVD cover
  • official pioneer certificate
  • exclusive invitation to the (pre-)premiere for 2 persons (excl. travel and accommodation costs)
  • Exclusive premiere clips for your social media channels
  • public thanks from the filmmakers at the premiere
  • 250 streaming codes of the movie


Special highlight:

For each unit, you enable 50 free solidarity-tickets for people in the Global South, who can watch the film and take part in the local action events. Bring constructive education for sustainable change to 50 countries around the world!

These companies are already part of the "STORY OF A NEW WORLD":


„We wholeheartedly support the film project „The Story of a New World“. As a pioneer of aromatherapy, we stand for fragrance, light and joie de vivre. It is true that the current world situation with war, climate and energy crises is worrying. Nevertheless, right now there are many opportunities for change for the better – for us and for future generations.

Reconnecting boldly, making commitments, can be both liberating and inspiring – to experience that „it can be done.“ This attitude is in line with our consistently sustainable corporate philosophy: learning from nature and remaining true to our own values. We want to do make our contribution and encourage as many people as possible to play an active role when it comes to our planet, our nature. The film starts here and motivates to connect with nature and to change the world positively with new inspirations.“



We gladly support Johanna, Carl and the entire film team in this great initiative – out of conviction! Not only because we love this planet, but also because we need it. And because we want to make sure there is a tomorrow and a future on this planet, for ourselves as well as for our children. 
As a lifelong companion for people who want to supply themselves with clean energy, we at Solarwatt have been making our contribution to limiting climate change for around 30 years. This makes it all the more a matter of heart for us to be one of the pioneers and enablers for the STORY OF A NEW WORLD.

Postcode Lotterie DT gGmbH

„The future belongs to future generations. With the FridaysforFuture movement there is for the first time a global youth movement, which is committed to a common cause. They demand more climate protection from all of us for the preservation of our planet. They have shaken us all up. The awareness for the necessary protection of the environment is growing in the population and also among celebrities, politicians and decision makers. The film FRIDAYS carries the worldwide FridaysforFuture movement further and reaches further target groups on an international level. We hope that deeds will now follow and that the powerful people of the world will finally take action. But also every single person can and must contribute to the protection of the global climate, every day. Because no one is too small to make a difference, as Greta Thunberg, an icon of the FridaysforFuture movement, aptly puts it. Only together can we succeed in saving the future of our successor generations. We are happy that we can support this project thanks to our participants and wish the film every success!“

Contact us:

tel.: +49 7461 908 45 0

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