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“People know more about the world's dramas than about their solutions. We want to change that. "

- Carl-A. Fechner, Company founder, film producer & director


What started in 1989 as a small production company with lofty ideals, has now become one of the most renowned film productions focused on sustainable topics in Germany. For more than 31 years we at fechnerMEDIA have been producing international cinema- and TV-documentaries that inspire, spark political action and bring people together. We are proud of:

We want to make climate education accessible for everyone!

For the new documentary fiction film THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, an extraordinary directing duo will join forces:

producer and director Carl-A. Fechner (68) with over 31 years experience and the award-winning up-and-coming director Johanna Jaurich (28). United in their passion to make journalistic, emotional and constructive stories accessible to a global audience, they symbolize the immense potential and power of united generations and genders.

For more than 31 years, our filmmaking has been shaped by one crucial goal:

to show role models of sustainable action.

And we have done so independently! That is why we have always produced our films through crowdfunding: thus free from the influence of politics, industry or the interests of third parties.

Our films THE 4th REVOLUTION, POWER TO CHANGE and CLIMATE WARRIORS would not have been possible without the support of many committed, visionary people – people like you.
Thank you!

Our movies:


the 4th revolution - Energy Autonomy

more than 10 Mio. viewers
More than 20 translations
More than 30 International TV broadcasts
More than 50 Film festivals

Power to change - the energy rebellion

More than 10 translations
More than 20 Film festivals
More than 350 Event groups
More than 5.000 Screenings

About us:


Carl-A. Fechner

Carl-A. Fechner (*1953) is a qualified pedagogue, journalist, director and producer.

Since foundation in 1989, his company fechnerMEDIA showcased “role-models for sustainable action” in a large number of internationally award-winning cinema documentaries, television reports in over 80 countries, publicity campaigns and cross-media projects.

His films THE 4THREVOLUTION (2010), POWER TO CHANGE (2016) and CLIMATE WARRIORS (2018), with their several million viewers and unique event campaigns, are among some of the most successful cinema documentaries worldwide. As a winner of the European Solar Prize and, among others, the B.A.U.M. Environmental Prize, Carl-A. Fechner has long been convinced that a comprehensive change in values is a way forward.

Johanna Jaurich

Johanna Jaurich is a director, producer and writer of sustainable documentaries for TV and cinema.
Johanna Jaurich is a director, producer and writer of sustainable documentaries for TV and cinema. Her film MY FUTURE WITHOUT THE COAL reached 500,000 people on ARD and was honored with the European Solar Prize.

She is currently co-directing the global impact and film project THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD with renowned producer Carl-A. Fechner: a constructive docu-fiction that aims to inspire people to act sustainably through an impact campaign in 50 countries. As a „Futurewoman“, Catalyst 2030 Network Member and EU Climate Pact Ambassador, she is also committed to the further networking of changemakers.

Katja Schwenke

Creative & Executive Producer
Katja Schwenke is a visionary, entrepreneur, investor and author. Since graduating with a degree in business administration/international management, she has been campaigning for a change in values and systems in the economy. In the pioneering days of renewables, she spent 10 years as CEO (WKN AG/now PNE Group) building up the company from a start-up to a leading medium-sized group in Europe and the USA.

A burnout led to a change in consciousness and the realisation that sustainable transformation unfolds its full power not only on the outside, but from the inner mindset. A new phase in her life followed with further training, including documentary film, screenwriting and consciousness research. Katja founded LEADERS FOR TOMORROW, a sparring and coaching service for top managers on their way to a new, more conscious time. In THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD she brings her unique combination of both worlds.

Gabriele Di Stefano

Production manager
Since 2002 Gabriele Di Stefano has been an integral part of the fechnerMEDIA team and supervised various projects as a production assistant until 2006. From 2006 on she took over the production management of several successful TV and information films of fechnerMEDIA.

After one year of further training as a production manager IHK at the Filmschule Köln in Babelsberg, she has since been in charge of the cinema and TV projects as a production manager and is a producer for information and image films.

Michelle Di Stefano

Art Director
As art director, Michelle Di Stefano is the creative mind behind the web design, print layouts and illustrations. In THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, she sees the opportunity to creatively help shape a sustainable future.

After graduating from technical secondary school for design and media technology and alongside her vocational training as a media designer digital and print, she supervised artistic projects in various specialist areas. She started working for fechnerMEDIA in 2006 – where she created the storyboard for the Daimler Umweltfilm (“Daimler’s Environmental Film”) and illustrations for the animated film „DER WIND DES WANDELS“ (“The Wind of Change”). Since then, she has been in charge of creating layouts and illustrations for animated films, posters and print materials for fechnerMEDIA as an art director, as well as creating and maintaining the company and film websites of fechnerMEDIA GmbH.
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PR & Networking – Manager
With a master’s degree in political science and a great fondness for creative processes, her position at fechnerMEDIA allows Miriam Schröer to combine her passions for constructive content and independent creation. She feels at home in the ecovillage movement and sees it as the breeding ground for social change.

On our social media channels and in our newsletter, she inspires our community with information about collective and sustainable living, working and acting. She finds it particularly enriching how her enthusiasm for the impact film THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD can be transferred to others while exchanging with potential and existing project partners for the feature film.

Lukas Beckenbauer

Associate Producer at Silver Reel and co-founder of Reel Motion Impact.
Lukas Beckenbauer is an Associate Producer at Silver Reel and co-founder of Reel Motion Impact. Reel Motion Impact is a non-profit organization to facilitate feature films, documentaries, and shorts that promote sustainable and social change.

Lukas studied Media Studies, Data Analysis, Social Science, and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (global QS rank #1 in Media Studies) and the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Additionally, he is working to understand what exactly drives social change narratives as a Junior Research Fellow at the ArtEZ University, Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Patrick Fait

Studio manager
From 2009 to 2013, Patrick Fait completed his training as a media designer for image and sound at fechnerMEDIA and subsequently worked as the technical director. During his time at fechnerMEDIA and his following studies at the FH Dortmund in Film & Sound with focus on film, Patrick implemented numerous projects as a graphic designer and cutter.

Since 2018, Patrick Fait has once again become an integral part of our team and is responsible for handling the post production of THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD.

Contact us:

tel.: +49 7461 908 45 0

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